Week 3 – There is a soul in Man

So here I am reading the Master Keys and minding my own business when….

There are two worlds we live with…The World Within and the Outside World. They are not really two worlds, but sort of a hand in glove thing.


The World Within creates the Outside World, gives it form, shape and substance. 

You can't see the World Within. It is sort of like a spirit world where anything is possible! Think about that. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Your thoughts can take shape and become physical! Someone said that all things were spiritual before they were physical. The World Within is where thoughts can become reality.


And those thoughts then become your Outside World. Why do you suppose that this information isn't generally shared in the world? Think of how liberating this is. I can think and create my own reality to live in! All that is necessary is to learn the steps by which your conscious mind can influence your unconscious mind in the direction you want to go.


Mark J. tells us about rebuilding our blueprint. Using a DMP to bridge the gap from where we are to where we want to be. Thoughts charged with emotion become belief. Then belief creates cause and results automatically follow! 

So, here I am on my Quest to gain mastery of my Inner World. The Daily Routine: DMP 3x, BPB, GS 3x, Index Cards 3x, Shapes, Linking, Linking, Linking. The Goal – To change my reality from where it is to where I want it to be! I am changing, becoming my future self and I like the change! It isn't easy, but the journey is worth it! Carry On!

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Week 2 – Seeing Through a Glass Darkly


Week 2 – Seeing Through a Glass Darkly The ‘glass’ the writer describes here is actually a mirror. The mirrors of the ancients were of polished metal, in many cases they were of brass and they required constant polishing, so that a sponge with pounded pumice-stone was generally attached to it. And it was the apostle Paul who wrote this famous passage from the Bible in a letter to a church in Corinth, which was famous for the manufacture of these kinds of mirrors. The images reflected in these brass mirrors were indistinct in comparison to our modern mirrors. They were seen Darkly. Which, literally translated from the original Greek language in which he wrote, means, “in a riddle or enigma…that the revelation appears indistinctly, imperfectly.” Paul is telling us that this is the state of our knowledge of divine things–imperfect and incomplete. “Now I know in part,” Paul mourns. There were limitations upon the knowledge even of Paul; only a part was seen. So this is where I find myself with the Master Keys as well. Paul makes an excellent point here. I am seeing albeit dimly what the Master Keys is about. It is stuff I have been taught all my life, but from a different point of view. This view is really interesting. I love the insight that is coming to other teachings and beliefs that I hold too.

Until next week I leave you with this video

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Week 1 Master Key Experience –         

The Journey Begins


Who would have thought that one of the first steps on a Journey within would be to step outside your comfort zone?  Writing a journal of my journey is one thing, BUT….publishing it on a website for anyone to see that I am Hero's Journeythinking????? Pretty sure you have read better blogs than this one, but I am also pretty sure that with each post I will get a little better.  I apologize in advance for the rambling nature of this post.  First off, I gotta say Hat's Off to Mark J  The entire concept of the MKMMA with it's "pay it forward" PIF scholarship is absolutely inspired!!  Thank you for being in the right place at the right time to get this rocket off the ground!  Three videos building up to the actual application of the PIF scholarship.  It's a good thing I already have gray hair, otherwise the waiting and stress would have made it that way anyhow!  This was something that was more exciting than hanging around the mailbox back in the day waiting to see if any of the colleges I wanted to go to were interested enough in sending a scholarship. 

With that said, as near as I can tell, there is no outward damage showing from this first experience.  Then filling out the application, relatively simple, but the videos afterwards about horror stories of leaving a question unanswered or a typo messing things up!  What was I thinking???  If there was a way to mess it up, I was sure I found it or rather them!  Then back to sitting and waiting–something that I am sure we all excel at.

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Forgot to answer a question. Didn’t hit the submit button. Spelled my name wrong? Did I do that?????? until the 2nd day of scholarships being posted on the list, I was sure that I had!  Sure, my name appeared on the first day, but I was sure it could go away overnight.  Seeing my name there was arguably one of the best moments this year!!!  Now the herald call to begin this Hero's Journey is here!  Jump in and get all this stuff created.  A blog site…..Never thought I would do that, but here it is.  Set up a twitter account……I deleted the first one and swore I would never Journeydo that again because of all the spam tweets (or whatever) that my friends were getting, supposedly from me, but not really!! But it's done. @MasterKeyJayZ …..Yep, that is me for the duration of this MKMMA experience, and from what I am seeing in the comments, probably forever…….So the first webinar last night….in a word—AWESOME!  More intense than the other webinars I have participated in with Mark, but AWESOME!!  Thus the journey begins………….

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