Week 1 Master Key Experience

Today I begin a new life, today I shed my old skin which too long hath suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of Mediocrity. – Og MandinoThe Greatest Salesman in the World“.

This is the first line of one of textbooks of this Master Key Experience. Since I am familiar with this book, while none of the others do I have history with, this is where I begin my Journey.

This is Week 1 of a 26 week Course which includes blog posts like this one, a 3 hour per week webinar (in class) and about 2 hours per day it looks like to me of homework as I begin this transformation.  Wish me Luck and stop by to see how it progresses.

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  1. Eulaine Melanson

    Jay, thanks for outlining your journey for the week and the time you have invested in this new transformation. It will be worth it as you keep on keeping on. Don’t give up-you’ve got this and be open to all the new experiences with anticipation and enthusiasm.

  2. MasterKeyNatalieZ

    So excited for your journey – excited for my journey – let’s be loudly enthusiastic!!! #Shine <3

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