Week 2 Master Key Experience

Week One is water under the bridge. Holy Cow! How exciting and hard! I never thought I would have so much trouble getting a few simple things done. The Webinar talks about an existing blueprint that your “subby” is following to create your life. More on Subby later. This week we are taught the beginning of how to create a plan to change your old blueprint that has gotten me where I am today, into a better blueprint that will get me where I want to be in the future. The first warning about it was, “Sebby will push back and try to follow the old blueprint because it is a habit.

Og tells us in the greatest salesman that only a habit can subdue and replace another habit. So a series of exercises, mainly mental, are give to start forming new habits that will lead to the blueprint (DMP) Definite Major Purpose thereby causing me to alter my course from when I am currently heading towards where I want to go. This week has been a series of “pushback”. The steps seem simple, but they take up a lot more time than I expected each day. I need to learn to read faster. Mark said the course will take about 168 hours over 26 weeks to complete. That translates to less than an hour a day! My reading takes me more that that each day. Add to that the “Sit”. Which takes 15 minutes and it looks like other things will be added as we go along. I’m at nearly week 2 completed already and Week 2 has just started. By the end of this week, I could be at the time commitment for week 4 if I don’t figure out how to do things faster! Seriously though, from what I am seeing and feeling, the time commitment regardless will be worth it. After all, I spent nearly 60 years to get to where I am right now. If this course can fix that and get me where I want to be in less that 6 months time, it is well worth it.

Today my old skin has become as dust. I will walk tall among men and they know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.

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  1. Nancy Ottinger

    It gets faster as the course moves forward – Mark is setting up systems, progressions, and ‘effortless’ ways to get ‘er done! Hang in there!

    1. Master Key Jay Z

      Nancy, thanks for the encouragement. I know the theory, however, sometimes when your in the thick of a battle of blueprints, the theory gets a bit cloudy.

    2. Brenda Brown

      Yes one good habit in replaces yet another we want to replace ✅

      1. Master Key Jay Z

        ….and another and another…until the mold is refashioned to the new me (or you). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eulaine Melanson

    Jay, learning how to fit everything in your day is definitely an art . It’s like a puzzle but each day must have all the pieces in it. Using spare moments helps with the scroll reading and listening to the Master Keys via audio has really helped me out. You must figure it out and when you do, you discover the process is very manageable. Good luck and remember you’ve got this.

    1. Master Key Jay Z

      Thank you Eulaine. Yours words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!!

  3. Masterkey Janet

    Hi Jay, I totally agree that our old blueprint is still strong. However, we will not let the old blueprint win. Everything we decide to do or not do is our CHOICE. I was also reflecting on my own resistance while reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. Master Key Jay Z

      Hi Janet. So True. If we continue fighting, we will end up victorious! Thanks for sharing.

  4. MasterKeyNatalieZ

    Thank may be true for many, but I’d know you anywhere 🙂 Love you keep up the great work and like you’ve told me in the past the first couple wall you are learning on then you get the speed down – you gotta get it right before you get it fast. #Shine <3

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