Week 3 Master Key Experience

Thinking about nothing……Control you thoughts and narrow the focus of what you are thinking to nothing? AND then relax every muscle of your body!!

The relaxing is easy, sitting still is easy. Controlling thought no so easy! I have been amazed the past couple of weeks at how much stuff I actually have going thru my head all the time. You never realize this blur of consciousness until you actually focus on it.

My takeaway from this week is FOCUS! I understand much more clearly the scripture about keeping your eye single. Figure out what/where you want to be/go, then don’t look to the left or right, just single minded focus on the goal. Move toward it regardless of the obstacles!

Just listened to the preview video for Week 4. I really like how Mark summed up everything into a simple straight path…..Think, Write, Promise, Act/Do, and Celebrate! This is the key to making this all happen. Look out world. I am a new person, creating a new life…..

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  1. Eulaine Melanson

    Jay, great blog! I agree with you about controlling your thoughts. I found this challenging too and the more I tried to erase the thoughts the more they seem to come in. It is so true about needing to figure out what your desires, what you want to do with your life, and the places you want to go. Once this is figured out just like you said focus on your goal and move forward regardless of the obstacles. Thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom.

  2. Nancy Ottinger

    Focusing on thoughts is really interesting. Massive amounts of material running through at all times! This week’s sit is a wonderful practice in slowing all that down.

    1. Master Key Jay Z

      It’s like trying to divert a river with a toothpick! But even a slight funnel effect is a gain in control.

  3. Brenda Brown

    Quieting the mind is a skill set worth learning 💕

  4. MasterKeyNatalieZ

    Think, write, promise, act/do, celebrate!!! I will work on this simplicity – I totally Feel it 🙂 #Shine <3

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