Week 4 Master Key Experience

The is the Do or Die Week! 100% of us will quit this week! Either quit the course or quit only doing less than 100% of the course. Where will I fall?

I still here!!! I haven’t hit 100%, but I am getting closer each day! This is really a tough program when you are also working virtually nonstop from wake up time until bedtime every day! Not a lot of open time to do all the reads, all the card flips, etc.

One thing is for sure. I really like what I am learning. I might not be 100% right now, but I am going to stick with the program all 26 weeks and retake it again and again until I achieve 100%! This experience is awesome! Thanks Mark and Fab D for providing the opportunity.

My takeaway this week is contained in the MKE and Think and Grow Rich. The Blueprint Builder Rule 5. I will engage in no task that doesn’t benefit all those involved. A rising tide lifts all ships. We can do this together.

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  1. Nancy Ottinger

    I think that is the best line of the entire Blueprint Builder, Jay. I’m with you on that!

  2. Brenda Brown

    Being 100% in tells subby that you are committed ✅😁

  3. MasterKeyNatalieZ

    A rising tide does raise all ships – love me some paragraph 5 – thank you for sharing all you do and Master Minding with me, none of us will make it alone 🙂 #Shine <3

  4. Eulaine Melanson

    Jay, your blog shows your desire to hit 100%, to keep being persistent no matter what the challenge is. You believe you can get there and that is the key . I enjoy your honestly , and your ending quotes are great too.

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