Week 5 Master Key Experience

Opinions or No Opinions?

This is No Opinion Week. The objective is to sit back, observe and not voice any opinions. How hard can that be? Seems like a piece of cake. But then you start into it. When you start talking, you realize you are giving an opinion. Do you finish the sentence or stop yourself from expressing the opinion? I chose to stop each time I caught myself in time to actually stop. There were times during the week when it felt like I had lost the ability to put a sentence together or express a thought. A lot of sentence fragments like: “I was thinking that you….” If I complete the sentence I am giving an opinion. “Wouldn’t it be better if you….” Again stop before you state an opinion.

Be the observer. Don’t give opinions. Amazing how quiet you become during this experiment!

I took the definition for opinion as “something that you cannot state with absolute certainty is true”. When you think about that, its amazing how few of things you can actually say that don’t fall in that definition! Then we had a discussion about whether the absolute certainty thing can still be an opinion…That one never got resolved. Maybe it is all opinion. Either way, I can tell you that living this method is not something that I can do for any extended period of time. I’m glad it is only one week…AT least this TIME!.

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  1. Nancy Ottinger

    I would give an opinion about your blog, but – that would be an opinion! It’s been very quiet this week!

  2. Eulaine Melanson

    Jay, I enjoyed your blog. I too agree that it is difficult to not express your opinion unless you handle it with asking them a question about the topic like-“What do you think on……” Congratulation for trying and observing yourself through the process.

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