Week 6 Master Key Experience

This week is a pile it on major for me. (Lions and Tigers and Bears and Wolves, Oh My!)

First the exercise of reading “The Guy in the Glass” while looking at yourself in the mirror every night. Ad the sentence at the end, “Your Name”, I love you. Talk about powerful. Suddenly every night I am telling myself that I love me. It felt weird the first couple of times, but after that, it began to feel good, even motivating. I watched my eyes in the mirror and realized that I was beginning to not only believe what I was saying, but feeling a little more pride in myself. AMAZING!

Your DMP is a movie of your journey from where you are to where you want to go. What is a Movie if there are no Movie Trailers? You guessed it. Hit the highlights of your DMP on an index card and review them everyday! Interesting thing about Movie Trailers, they aren’t always in the same chronological order as the movie ends up when you watch it. I juggled my highlights around, created a different order to the events, and it seemed to spice up the action. Make it more like I wanted to see the actual movie! Go Figure….

So this week we also took all those shapes we have been putting on the cards, Blue Rectangles, Green Triangles, Yellow Squares, and Red Circles, Put parts of our DMP and SMART Goals on each shape, printed 8 copies of the shapes, with a compass in the center and placed them around house, car, and work where you would see them all day. We were encouraged to touch a sheet as we walked past it also. Every sense is being used to help with this paradigm shift!

I’m feeling the burn! Change is beginning. Its exciting. I can hardly wait to see how much more is piled on. I wonder if I will find a limit of what I can handle?

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