Week 7 Master Key Experience

We have done sight, touch, talking, hearing, and writing as methods of reprogramming our minds with this new DMP that we are creating. So what is next? Subliminal and direct mental effort of course! Duh!

So this week we made a recording of us reading our DMP, Blueprint builder, index cards, etc. Set the recording to music (our favorite song or something inspiring) and began listening to it as we went to sleep, when we woke up, and playing it whenever we could thru the day! The initial week we were told that your subconscious has no defense against your voice. Well, when your conscious mind is occupied elsewhere instead of being the guardian at the gate, you drive all this stuff deep into your subby! Things are starting to change fast now!

So for a distraction so the recording can more effectively do its job (not really as a distraction, that just sounded good as I typed it!) we were given the 7 day mental diet to work on. 7 days where you control your thoughts and don’t think or say anything negative. No insults, no opinions, no swearing, everything positive. AND if you slip, the clock resets and you are back to just beginning the 7 days! So far I have had about 40 day one, hour one, minute one of the diet. But the span between restart and the next restart is getting longer! I can see the possibility of actually completing 7 days! This exercise in mental control of your conscious mind is amazing. Everyone should get this manual and follow the 7 day mental diet of Emmit Fox.

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